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About Us

Pioneering blockchain and cryptocurrency project.

Neoxa is an innovative Proof of Work cryptocurrency that seamlessly merges the realms of gaming and cryptocurrency. With Neoxa, you no longer need to spend your time gaming for free; instead, you can harness the power of your gameplay to earn rewards that can be utilized for your in-game purchases and much more.



We continue to develop and push the boundaries of cryptocurrency.

Neoxa’s network security relies on a robust Proof of Work (PoW) system, allocating a  45% reward to miners.

Proof of Work (PoW) is a consensus algorithm used in blockchain and cryptocurrency networks to validate and secure transactions and create new blocks in the blockchain. It was first introduced by Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, as a key component of the Bitcoin network.

Neoxa boasts a distinctive Play2Earn (P2E) model that sets it apart from other chains. Users can participate in this innovative system without any upfront costs or NFTs.

At Neoxa we prioritise to reward our gamers on existing and fun to play games.

Neoxa’s Play2Earn platform has already processed over 250,000 payments to gamers, with more than 1000 daily pay-outs to gamers.

A Neoxa Smartnode is a specialized node on the Neoxa blockchain network. It requires users to lock a specific amount of Neoxa coins as collateral. Neoxa Smartnodes serve several essential functions:

  1. Privacy and Speed: They enable privacy features like coin mixing (PrivateSend) and fast transaction confirmations (InstantSend).
  2. Voting and Governance: Smartnode operators can vote on network proposals, allocate funds, and influence the project’s direction through Decentralized Governance.
  3. Rewards: Operators receive a share of block rewards, providing a passive income source.
  4. Network Security: Smartnodes help secure the Neoxa network.

Operating a Neoxa Smartnode involves meeting 1 million NEOX collateral requirements and maintaining a dedicated server. This setup helps enhance Neoxa’s privacy, speed, and governance while incentivizing participation

If you would like to participate in running a Smartnode you can checkout our GitBook.


Neoxa is actively developing its utility smartnodes to expand their capabilities, including the provision of streaming and game server hosting services.

To achieve this goal, we will endeavor to utilize our Smartnodes as the backbone of the network.

Our customized gaming platform offers a seamless integration for our gamers, enabling them to effortlessly connect their wallet to the game of their preference. This linking of your distinct game identifier also grants access to the feature of having in-game statistics seamlessly displayed on our platform.

Our commitment to user convenience is further underscored by the platform’s mobile-friendly design, with plans for an imminent transition to a dedicated mobile application.

Notably, the Gaming Platform also serves as the home for our marketplace, where our gamers can procure in-game items. It’s important to emphasize that every Neoxa spent within the marketplace undergoes a complete and permanent burn process, ensuring the transparency and integrity of our ecosystem.

Neoxa features a marketplace where users can purchase in-game items. Notably, the Neoxa coins spent in this marketplace are permanently removed from the supply through a burning mechanism.

The blockchain


Neoxa operates with a maximum supply of 21 billion coins and utilizes a 4-year halving cycle, ensuring a block is generated every 60 seconds, facilitating quick and efficient transactions.

In our evolving ecosystem, Smartnodes play a pivotal role, earning a substantial 45% of the block rewards. Proof of Work, while still significant, has been adjusted to 45%, and Play To Earn now encompasses 5% of the rewards.

Mining & Algorithm

Miners hold a pivotal role within the blockchain ecosystem, acting as the driving force behind its continuous operation. These dedicated individuals ensure the blockchain’s seamless progression, while Smartnodes serve as the essential validators for both blocks and transactions. It is worth noting that without miners, the blockchain would grind to a halt.

To facilitate the acquisition of Neoxa through their hardware, miners are mandated to employ the KawPow algorithm. KawPow is a vital component of our system, designed with the specific purpose of resisting Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining. This resistance guarantees a fair and decentralized mining environment, where individual miners can participate effectively, safeguarding the integrity and security of our network.


Meet $ONCY, a unique creation within the Neoxa community. Although $ONCY itself doesn’t possess any intrinsic value, it serves as a prime example of the endless possibilities that Neoxa’s blockchain assets can unlock.

In the near future, Neoxa will unveil an exciting new feature: an asset exchange platform. This platform will enable users to trade a variety of assets, including assets such as $ONCY, unlocking a world of possibilities for asset management and investment. Moreover, these assets will seamlessly integrate with Neoxa’s gaming servers, offering a dynamic ecosystem where you can both enhance your gaming experience and engage in asset trading.


Neoxa implements a strategic method to decrease its supply, thereby increasing its scarcity, all while delivering an enjoyable experience to our gamers.

Each Neoxa spent within the Neoxa marketplace is subject to a thorough burn process, resulting in the permanent removal of these coins from the maximum supply. This distinctive strategy serves to bolster scarcity and intrinsic value, thus nurturing a sustainable ecosystem where each transaction actively contributes to the enduring prosperity of Neoxa.

Active Games on Neoxa


Rust is a popular multiplayer survival game available on Steam. In Rust, players are stranded on an open-world island and must gather resources, craft items, build shelters, and form alliances to survive in a harsh and competitive environment.

GTA5 (FiveM)

FiveM enables unique and personalized multiplayer experiences, including role-playing servers, custom game modes, and the ability to add new content, enhancing the longevity and versatility of GTA V beyond its original single-player and official online modes.


Dota 2

Dota 2, a Valve-developed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), pits two teams of five players controlling unique heroes against each other. The goal is to strategically destroy the opposing team's Ancient in their base. Renowned for its depth and esports prominence, Dota 2 demands teamwork, skill, and resource management.



Fortnite, a wildly popular online multiplayer game, pits players against each other in a battle royale to outlast opponents. Its dynamic mix of building, shooting, and strategy unfolds in ever-evolving landscapes.

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