Neoxa Network

Neoxa is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency that brings together the cryptocurrency and gaming worlds.

No longer waste your time gaming for free, let your gameplay pay for your next gaming purchase!

Billion Maximum Supply

Seconds Block TIme


Proof of Work


Proof of Game


Development Fund

Neoxa Burned

Marketplace Neoxa Burned

Decentralized Neoxa Network

Neoxa is the first blockchain that rewards gamers with its own unique Proof of Game mechanism.


Neoxa currently uses Proof of Work as its only consensus mechanism 

Multiple ways to gather Neoxa

Neoxa gives users multiple ways to obtain Neoxa. Currently Proof of work and Proof of Game are active, with master nodes being released in the near future.


Neoxa will use masternodes to create its own P2P blockchain streaming service. Creating a revenue stream for creators and members running masternodes.  


Neoxa has 21 Billion maximum supply with halvings every 4 years. The network produces a block every 60 seconds. In the near future, Neoxa will introduce masternodes that will receive 45% of the block share, while Proof of Work will be reduced to 45%. Proof of Game will be decreased to 5%.

Asset exchange

Neoxa wants assets that can actually be used by the community and developers. There’s no use case if assets cannot be exchanged.


Unlike Play to Earn tokens, Neoxa has its own blockchain with an advanced Proof of Game mechanism. 

Leaders in Gaming

Neoxa Network is a decentralized platform that gives real use case to cryptocurrency

Not only is Neoxa the first of its kind with Proof of Game technology, but it also introduces a way for people that’s never been involved in cryptocurrency to participate in blockchain technology.

The Future of Neoxa

A simple roadmap for Neoxa

Q2, 2022

Launch Neoxa (Completed)

Announce Neoxa, launch website, wallets, and release Rust Proof of Game

Q3, 2022

Exchange Listings (Completed)

Add Neoxa to multiple exchanges, release Neoxacraft Proof of Game

Q4, 2022

More PoG, More exhanges!

Add Neoxa to a major exchange, implement GTA Proof of Game server

Q4, 2022

Neoxa Marketplace (V1 Live)

Start implementing Masternodes and the Neoxa Marketplace

Q1, 2023

Activate Masternodes (Delayed, testnet soon)

Activate Neoxa Masternodes, start implementing Neoxa P2P gaming streams

Q2, 2023

Developer time

Create SDK for developers to implement Neoxa PoG assets

Q3, 2023

Neoxa asset exchange

Create asset exchange for developers and creators

Utility like no other

Neoxa creates utility like no other chain


Neoxa brings the gaming and cryptocurrency worlds together


One chain with multiple earning mechanisms


Gamers, miners, and investors all get to participate 


Neoxa offers a platform where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of your experience in cryptocurrency

Common Questions?

Neoxa is a one-of-a-kind blockchain project. Here are some questions we see all the time:

What use cases does Neoxa have?

Neoxa is the first blockchain that gives gamers the opportunity to earn and spend their cryptocurrency by playing games. 

How much does it cost to run a Neoxa Masternode?

The total cost to run a Neoxa Masternode would be 550000 NEOX. 

Where can I buy Neoxa?

Neoxa can be purchased on XT, TradeOgre and Txbit

What games are planned for Proof of Game?

Currently, Neoxa has Rust, Minecraft and GTA FiveM Proof of Game servers. 

Is Neoxa a token?

Neoxa is not a token, it has its own blockchain. However, there will be multiple-chain support added in the near future. Please note that this does not exist currently and the ones that exist are scams. 

When will Neoxa be listed on a new exchange?

While Neoxa no longer focuses on new exchanges, we are working with exchanges to list Neoxa in the near future. No timeframe will be given at this time. 

How will Neoxa blocks be divided in the future?

45% Proof of Work, 45% Masternodes, 5% Proof of Game, and 5% developer fund.

Neoxa is a cryptocurrency that focuses on bringing the cryptocurrency and gaming worlds together. With Neoxa, gamers will be able to purchase their next game simply by playing on an approved Proof of Game server.

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