The future of gaming

Neoxa Network

Neoxa is an innovative Proof of Work cryptocurrency that seamlessly merges the realms of gaming and cryptocurrency. With Neoxa, you no longer need to spend your time gaming for free; instead, you can harness the power of your gameplay to earn rewards that can be utilized for your in-game purchases and much more.

Neoxa Play2Earn

Neoxa offers users diverse avenues to acquire its cryptocurrency. Presently, Neoxa implements both Proof of Work mining and Play2Earn mechanisms, enabling users to earn Neoxa through gaming activities. Additionally, Neoxa has plans to introduce smartnodes in the near future.


With a maximum supply of 21 billion and 4-year halvings, our network generates a block every 60 seconds.

Smartnodes now earn 45% of block rewards, while Proof of Work decreased to 45% and Play To Earn to 5%. Embrace the future of cryptocurrency and gaming with Neoxa.


Neoxa is the trailblazer of Play2Earn, revolutionizing the crypto gaming industry. Moreover, Neoxa provides an unprecedented opportunity for newcomers to explore blockchain technology, making cryptocurrency accessible to all. Join us on this innovative journey, where gaming and blockchain converge to empower individuals worldwide.

Gaming & Streaming

Neoxa is at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement to transform the landscape of streaming and game server hosting through the development of its innovative smartnodes.


Neoxa relies exclusively on Proof of Work (PoW) as its consensus mechanism.

Play2Earn like never before

Neoxa rewards gamers daily on its Play to Earn servers, offering them a tangible incentive for their gameplay. Gamers can utilize their earnings to purchase in-game items or engage in Neoxa trading, unlocking a new dimension of value and possibilities within the gaming ecosystem.


Daily payments to gamers


Neoxa Play2Earn has already made over 250,000 payments to gamers like you.

With Neoxa Play2Earn, you can enjoy not only the excitement of conquering levels and winning battles but also the satisfaction of earning valuable currency that hold tangible value within the gaming ecosystem. 

Join our gaming portal for a unique experience. Simply sign up, add your wallet, and link your game. Get ready to play and enjoy!


Setup a Neoxa Smartnode

Setting up a Neoxa smartnode is made effortless with our user-friendly, step-by-step guide. Smartnodes not only enhance the security of the chain but also provide an opportunity to earn Neoxa by actively contributing to our network. Join us in shaping the future of blockchain technology with ease and rewarding engagement.

Neoxa is burning

Every Neoxa spent on the Neoxa marketplace undergoes a complete burn, effectively removing the coins from the maximum supply. This unique approach enhances scarcity and value, fostering a sustainable ecosystem where every transaction contributes to the long-term growth of Neoxa.

Total Neoxa burned

Marketplace Neoxa Burned