Exchange Listing

Over the last few days, Neoxa has managed to raise $30,000 to add to the exchange funds to get listed on

These funds were gathered through the Neoxa community by selling off development funds and unused Proof of Game funds.

Within the next few days, the exchange will announce the listing and start testing the Neoxa wallet on their platform. Once this is successful, Neoxa will be live for trading on

This is the first and last exchange listing that will be paid for by the development fund. If the community decides to list Neoxa on other exchanges, we give them full permission to do so.

Currently, we have discussed getting a USDT pair for Neoxa and may add more pairs in the future. With the exchange listing, Neoxa will receive social media posts and marketing from the exchange.

Neoxa Network Updates


Neoxa now has its first major exchange listing out of the way, and more attention and finances can be directed toward development.

Dealing with exchanges and different legal matters takes time away from development.

The Neoxa team is currently adding Proof of Game to the NeoxaCraft server. This has taken longer than expected, but the end is now in sight. Next week the Neoxa earning mechanism will be introduced into its first games on NeoxaCraft. Once live, players will be able to play on the server without knowing rates while the team studies different types of game plays to accurately reward players.

We have also decided to close the “official” mining pool, this pool was only created to start the network. All funds from the pool have been paid out. Only a few miners now remain and within the next few days, the stratum will be turned off.

Notes From the Team

  • The Neoxa team wants to focus more on development and will be adding more moderators on its Proof of Game servers. This will allow the team to focus more on the development of Neoxa and less on game servers. Neoxa servers are unlike any other server, thus we need to make sure that we find the right moderation team.
  • If you have a lot of free time and know the games well, please reach out to Andy on Discord. Please keep in mind, that this will restrict your gameplay on the Neoxa Proof of Game servers. We would also prefer you to stream while moderating, this will help you to grow your channel and allow fair moderation.
  • Neoxa is a Proof of Work blockchain, and currently, we have not even started to explore the chain. We have seen interesting suggestions from the community and have had hours of discussions about how we want to move forward with Proof of Game and the actual blockchain. Currently, we are exploring to secure the blockchain further and bring more utility to the chain. As we have said before, nothing is off the table and our minds can change. We have a roadmap that we focus on, but there’s much more.
  • More minds, more progress is our way of thinking, and in the coming weeks we will be establishing a development bounty program, this will allow us to get more done and reward other developers contributing to the Neoxa code.