Neoxa is now 4 months young and we would like to thank our amazing community that’s been there through all the ups and downs. We certainly would not be where we are without our community. With this 4th month’s update, we have many exciting things to announce.

Neoxa x FluxLabs

We are excited to announce that Neoxa has partnered with FluxLabs. This will help bring more utility to Proof of Game and a better functioning node network.

Flux is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency that’s focused on scalable decentralized cloud infrastructure to deploy decentralized applications with ease. It is also the leading cryptocurrency to get you started on Web 3.0.

We are currently compiling test images to bring Proof of Game functionality to servers hosted by our community through Flux. Once the concept has been proven, Neoxa PoG servers will be able to participate in Proof of Game rewards. Not only does this introduce Neoxa to Web 3.0, but it will also bring more utility to Neoxa and Flux.

Soon our community will also be able to deploy Neoxa Network nodes on the Flux ecosystem with ease. This will help decentralize and stabilize our network.

“Wen Zelcore” is a question we get asked by our community all the time, we can now finally say Neoxa will be added to Zelcore. While there’s currently no time frame, this is in the works and will be done sooner than you think.

Preparing For a New Exchange

Neoxa is currently preparing to get listed on a major new exchange. While this might not happen right away, it is something that we are working on.

Unfortunately, this has also caused us to add an 18+ registration to the NeoxaCraft forum. This does not necessarily mean that our younger audience cannot play on the Neoxa Proof of Game servers. Our younger audience can still ask their parents to sign up for the Neoxa PoG servers.

The Future of Proof of Game

Since the start of Neoxa, we have always wanted to give Proof of Game servers the ability to add more rewards over the years. As with everything, things can change as time goes on. Neoxa will increase the Proof of Game rewards to 15% and will not increase again in the future. This change will happen in 2023.

From October, Neoxa will have in-game moderators on all servers at all times. This will help combat exploiters and cheaters within Proof of Game servers.

In October, Neoxa will also release a Grand Theft Auto FiveM server with Proof of Game enabled. This will give our older community members the opportunity to earn Neoxa by playing.