Exchange listing

With the exponential growth of Neoxa and the community, we believe it’s time for a bigger exchange.

Neoxa has recently applied to many exchanges and made the decision to work with a listing agent. Working with a listing agent greatly reduces the headache that comes with contacting different exchanges. Our listing agent also negotiates the exchange listing cost and greatly reduces it.

While exchanges can be costly, Neoxa has now teamed up with a recommended market capitalization manager (MM). We will distribute the Neoxa development funds to our MM which will sell it off to investors who may be interested. These funds can also be sold to the community.

While some exchanges may accept payment in Neoxa to list, our listing agents have recommended against this. As sometimes exchanges might immediately want to sell their coins when the exchange listing goes live and it could negatively affect the market.

Proof of Game

While we were all excited to get Neoxa Proof of Game on Minecraft, we believe that it’s not the right choice. Speaking to Mojang, we understand that Neoxa does not currently break any rules, but it could be in the near future. We have tried everything and we have the Minecraft server about ready, we believe that going forward and eventually breaking laws will not be good for Neoxa. We are still in contact with Mojang and will receive a final statement from them within a few days. We understand that we have made statements that recent changes to the Minecraft EULA do not affect Neoxa currently, however we don’t want to be in a situation where we are sent backwards. Neoxa strives on moving forward and adapting to changes within the cryptocurrency space. (If any of this changes, it will be updated)

The Neoxa team is disappointed with the recent changes in Minecraft, but has not lost confidence in the project. We believe this may even open new doors.

We have looked at many alternatives and we have decided to add the Neoxa Proof of Game tracker to Fornite and Rocket League. These games are owned by Epic Games and with a recent statement made by Epic Games, we feel confident to do so. Both of these games can be tracked.

Moving to games such as Rocket League and Fornite, Neoxa is introduced to not only PC gamers, but also console and mobile.


Neoxa is scheduled to burn any unused Proof of Game coins after the launch of the new exchange. This will happen after the exchange listing. Proof of Game coins will continue to be burned until all Proof of Game slots are filled. Ideally, the Neoxa team wants the Proof of Game coins to be sent out to the Proof of Game miners. Neoxa is all about transparency and we want it to reflect on the blockchain.